Our way of thinking and working

— Since 1964, our history has been at one with the history of the Lessinia hills and with the people who have made quarrying and working the unique Prun stone a craft and a way of life.

This tradition has been carved through actions repeated lovingly again and again for 60 years on a material that refuses to bend to industrial demands but lets itself be tamed only by the hands of master craftsmen.

Antonio Quintarelli, the youngest of the old generation of quarriers and stone workers in the Lessinia hills, passed the baton to his daughter Federica, who then passed it to her own children to make a family business spanning three generations. Over the years, practices have been modernised through the introduction of new technologies, but the family has never forgotten its philosophy or its respect for this stone which is as unique as the 70 and more strata that compose it and encapsulates the very essence of the Lessinia hills.

Today, in 2024, Quintarelli Pietre e Marmi is the place to go for real hand-worked stone. We work three different stones, each of which is one of a kind: as well as Lessinia stone, we sell Rosso di Trento (red) and Verdello di Trento (yellowish-green) – at the moment we’re the only active dealers in these stones.

From quarrying to the finished product, we personally take care of the whole process of selecting and working the materials. It’s the only way to ensure that the heart – the finest material, whose beauty can remain intact over time and still shine even after restoration work on old buildings and which plays a leading role in contemporary interior and exterior design – is properly conserved.